Monday, January 23, 2012

Newt Gingrich Ought To Be Thanking Sarah Palin Right Around Now...

You know, Sarah Palin hadn't said boo about the Republican primaries until just a few days before the most recent primary, when she mentioned that she would vote for Gingrich "if I were a South Carolinian".

William Kristol:

First time she has expressed herself in the race and her candidate wins by 12. If she really comes out for Newt, look out.

Sarah is the nuclear submarine of the 2012 Republican primary. She's running silent and running deep. But should she decide to surface, or perhaps let loose a salvo of Tomahawks, well...let's just say the landscape will be permanently altered. As if it had been struck by...a salvo of Tomahawks.

She's been quiet, but she is still out there - watching, observing all, calculating.  And when she appeared, ever so briefly, and dipped her toe in the water....the seas parted.

When you can't see her, and don't hear her, that's when she's at her most dangerous.  Certain primary candidates ought to be very nervous right around now...

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