Monday, January 23, 2012

Barack Obama Knows Exactly What He Is Doing - To America...

I posted yesterday on Maureen Dowd's little smackdown of the president's inflated sense of self-regard.  Although I am sure she meant it in a cautionary way, not critical, and certainly did not intend to accuse them of being "uppity" - exactly the accusation levied at conservatives who have written the same exact thing about the president and the missus.

But I wanted to revisit her piece, and highlight one line in particular.  It's an excerpt from the Jodi Kantor book on the Obamas, and it resonates. And illuminates exactly what is going on:

...when the president met with Democratic members of Congress who had lost their seats in the midterms...he did not seem to comprehend the anxiety that had spawned the Tea Party, or feel any regret. Jim Oberstar, who lost his long-held Minnesota perch, recalled Obama’s saying, “In the end, this is for the greater good of the country"

And that, my friends, is what Obama thinks today when he sees the long unemployment lines, the spiking fuel prices, the ever-expanding amount of Americans that must go on the public dole. It is why he spiked the Keystone XL project, and why he insists on melting down the upper class, and the business class, of American society.

That this is for the greater good.

For it will eventually create the type of America that Barack Obama want to see: Government-dominated, with a third-world standard of living, and the equality of misery for all.  An America run by a select few elites pulling the levers of power (including Obama himself, of course, and his wife, and a few of their friends), primarily working to redistribute it  - and what little wealth remians - back to themselves.  
Obama has a vision, all right...and that's why he's on the campaign trail, saying he needs to "finish the job".   As long as we still have money, freedom, and the ability to choose our paths, his work is not yet done.

It gets clearer every day, doesn't it?

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