Friday, January 27, 2012

Did Romney "Pack The Room" Last Night? I Hope So....

Jonah Goldberg comments on last night's debate, a rather flat one for Newton and a fairly successful one for Romney:

I don’t know whether he did or not, but it seemed obvious to me that the room had a lot of Romney supporters in it....There were definitely moments when Romney deserved the applause and cheers he got. But he also got applause and cheers for lines that have elicited no such response in the previous 8,000 debates. If Romney did pack the room with ringers, it was smart if also devious. Gingrich exposed a key vulnerability to his debate superpowers: he feeds off the energy from the audience. If Romney and his team figured that out and tampered with his energy source, that’s smart politics.

It is. And in the general election, faced with a choice between the smug, bombastic, pedantic, know-it-all professor they know and the one they are only slightly less familiar with, just might see Barack Obama re-elected, based upon this rationale offered by the president himself.

But if a Republican candidate can get under the president's (extremely) thin skin and expose him as the punk-ass bitch he is without lowering himself to Obama's childish level, you just might have a winner.  And it seems as if Romney, actually possessing the "cool temperament" the president's supporters tried to own, may very well likely be able to tinker with Barack's mojo and pull off the innocent "who, me?" routine while the whiner-in-chief flips his lid.

Not an endorsement of Romney, by the way. I'm just saying. Both his technocratic urge to "tinker &  fix" rather than "destroy & rebuild" (which is what is necessary), and his obvious affection for state-run healthcare, are extremely troubling.

So that's why we need to make sure we elect a Congress and Senate that is as ideologically conservative as possible. If he does get the nomination, and wins the big prize, we'll need to keep President Romney's feet as close to the fire as possible. lest he stray off the path he was appointed to...

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