Saturday, January 07, 2012

Self Destruction Blues

So here's the first headline that pops up at me when I open up the Yahoo! homepage:

Gingrich claims Romney taxed the blind

And I saw this one yesterday:

John McCain: ‘We Have To Fix Our Problems With The Hispanics’

While underneath the Gingrich headline, Yahoo had these two listed:

U.S. economy gaining momentum, unemployment near 3-year low
Rick Santorum's income has soared since he left Senate

The Republican party is tearing itself apart right now in a vicious nomination fight, and the media is eating it up. Debate after debate has not led to more insight on the candidates but instead has allowed the MSM to highlight various candidate "gaffes", and isolate comments out of context to be then labeled as "extremist".

The candidates have bought into this, trying to build themselves up by tearing the next man down. Newt Gingrich has been playing this game since May, and with his moment in the sun seemingly over, has reverted back to the worst stereotype of a "right-wing bomb thrower".  Except, of course, he's throwing them at the right wing.  Which is why he's the media's second favorite Republican candidate, behind Jon Huntsman, who also seems to have never met a conservative he hasn't hated.  Ron Paul, of course, may be the worst of the lot, but I try not to think about him much...

Watch where you point that thing, Newt....friendly fire kills...

How is this being absorbed into the national consciousness?  The public gets non-stop reports on the negative salvos each candidate launches against the other, while they are spoon-fed positive spins on every vile act perpetrated by Barack Obama.  His defiance of the Constitution is "bold", millions of people dropping out of the workforce is a "strengthening economy", and slashing our military to the bone to pay for social welfare programs is "strategic re-alignment".

Suicide by a thousand cuts? Oh, you betcha.  So how do we save ourselves?

The candidates must stop attacking each other - NOW - and focus their fire on Barack Hussein Obama.  And they need to fight the propaganda war being waged on them by media head-on.  No more defensive crouches, just pure offense. John McCain buying into the fact that Republicans have a "Hispanic problem" is a sick buy-in to a MSM lie , we need to make it clear that we offer Hispanics hope for a better life, while Obama offers them only permanent welfare.  We need not only to fight every accusation of racism, but to expose the liberal racism that permeates the Democratic party.  The candidates must not defend themselves against every accusation of "extremism", but instead point out that the real extremists live in the White House.  And occupies the mainstream media.

It is time for each Republican presidential candidate to state, often and boldly, what he feels is so objectionable about the reign of Barack Hussein Obama, and what he would do differently.  If the argument is strong enough, petty attacks from weakened candidates can be dismissed with a smirk and a wave of the hand, and the media's reporting of such nonsense will carry less  weight.   But if the candidates continue to tear each other to to pieces, the narrative will be set in stone by the time the convention opens, and it will be an uphill slog from there.

The only way that Barack Obama gets re-elected is if the Republicans self-destruct.  And right now, I'm singing...

It was a Monday morning, When the blues came falling on me
Now it's Saturday evening, And still got a hold on me
Oh please, dear Lord, Help me get rid of my self destruction blues...

~Hanoi Rocks, "Self Destruction Blues"

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