Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Some Jokers Are More Racist Than Others

Yeah, yeah, we know. Posters of Barack Obama as The Joker are a sign of the racist bent of American conservatives., yadda, yadda, yadda.

But you can learn so much from "progressives" - for instance, I learned that while posters of Obama (or any ethnic Democrat) as the Joker are horribly racist, pictures of African-American Republicans in whiteface is A-OK! Funny and insightful, even! For instance, Daniel Kurtzman (SF Chronicle & HuffPost - no suprise) writing at posts this side-splitter of RNC Chairman Michael Steele: (owned by the New York Times) lists this as "political humor". If so, where's Obama/Joker? Not funny? Or does it hit just the right note that it makes it too dangerous to be seen, and thus must be condemned?

Over at Big Hollywood:

Hang a few posters of Obama as Joker under a freeway overpass and the Left completely loses it. Do the exact same with a Republican and off in the distance all you hear is the gentle chirp of country crickets on a warm summer night.

But they've been going after Steele for a while now; as a candidate for governor in Maryland, bloggers depicted him thusly:

Well, everyone knows that no real black person would ever be a Republican, right? "Duh!", as the progressives would say....

Hmmm...if it's not race that has the left's nipples in such a knot, maybe its the president that shouldn't be depicted as comic-book villians out of respect? Well, Vanity Fair gave this "portrait" of George W. Bush a full page last year, with glee:

Or this, from the Village Voice:

So can any of my fellow progressive Americans explain to me why Obama/Joker is evil, while Steele/vaudville and Bush/vampire are OK?

Or is it simply that morality, (and racist intent), depend on the political party of the target and shooter?

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