Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Can You Say, "Dear Leader"?

Obama's frustrated fantasies of ruling like a South American dictator - with the accompanying cult of personality - are fleshed out with this self-centered display outside of the White House:

People gather in front of the World's Largest Beaded Photo Mosaic of U.S. President Barack Obama on display in front of the White House in Washington, August 3, 2009. The project, created with over 372,600 beads by 1000 fourth grade students from across the U.S., was made in honor of Obama's 48th birthday....
...which, I believe, is today. If his birth certificate is to be believed (ha!).
Suprised I haven't seen a House Resolution declaring today to be a day of celebration and joyous reflection on the beneficence and benevolence of our exalted leader.
Ah, well. Paul Krugmen can only hope...

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