Saturday, August 22, 2009

"Scare Quotes": Bad News for Obama

{UPDATE 7:15PM: The AP still has the second article/link up, but they've removed the scare quotes. Think they read the following post? Hmmm...}

Ah, the good old days: When the only word that the media put in scare quotes was "terrorism", as its way of mocking the Bush administration's fight against radical Islam.

Check out the scare quotes that jumped out at me this morning:

Obama again tackles "myths" on healthcare reform

Obama calls for 'honest debate' on health care

Seems to me that these articles are questioning whether those "myths" are in fact that, or perhaps more akin to "truths". And in the same vein, if "honest debate" is in scare quotes, are we seeing a feeling from the media that Obama's portion of the debate has been less than truthful?

Seems like the media is getting wise to Obama's play on words, like these:

"As every credible person who has looked into it has said, there are no so-called death panels — an offensive notion to me and to the American people," Obama said. "These are phony claims meant to divide us."

So if you claim there are death panels - which are actually used today by the VA, re-instated under Obama (as well as in Canada), you are simply "not credible". Sarah Palin, thus becomes "not credible", and a divider to boot. Disagree with Obama, and armed with an armful of facts? Sorry, you're just "not credible"

Words and phrases like that are usually a wink to the radical base and an instruction to the liberal media on how to proceed with the talking points. Seems to me like those "scare quotes" are a "wee" bit of backlash from the rank and file in the MSM.

"Scared" yet, Baracky, of losing the last of your diehards? If you're as smart as everyone claims you are, you ought to be...

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