Monday, August 03, 2009

Obama at Harvard

So what did really go down at Harvard during Barack Obama's sojurn as a student in that august institution? He has refused to release his college transcript; surprising since George Bush's "C" average did not prevent him from being president, nor did John Kerry's "C" average prevent him from being the party nominee.

But had nothing to do with the grades. Maybe it had something to do with the curriculum. Andrew Breitbart has a conspiracy theory that I gotta believe has some legs:

While I have no desire to see Mr. Obama's birth certificate, I do want to see his college transcripts. My suspicion, one could even call it a conspiracy theory, is that Mr. Obama committed himself to a radical curriculum, aligned himself with the far-left professoriate, and sought to keep this biographical information from his political enemies, especially then-rival Hillary Rodham Clinton, for fear that they would paint the former community organizer and follower of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright as something other than an advocate of racial reconciliation.

Which, Breitbart suggests, makes both Professor Gates and Barack Obama's reaction to the "arrest at Caimbridge" much more understandable. He points out that Obama's "teaching moment" over a few cold ones turned out to be anything but:

Not only were there no fresh ideas about race and living in multiethnic America, but there were hardly even any stale ones. Perhaps this was because Mr. Obama's and Mr. Gates' initial - and thus probably most authentic - reactions in playing the race card had proved so unpopular, and so they just wanted to have their frosted malt beverages and get outta Dodge.

Ironically, if he had just released the transcripts during the campaign, the media would have covered for him ("Racial Agitation 101"? What a wise course for an unanchored black man in the Ivy League!). Now, with the shine off and the socialism on, this information becomes much more explosive. With the gnawing feeling among many Americans that they have been duped into voting for an extremist, a course menu full of left-wing studies and radical professors will alienate the president even further from the bulk of the electorate.

It's hard to argue the president is not a socialist anymore. The word "racist" has now entered the vernacular as a term to describe the president as opposed to those whom defy him. Should the people now find out he was schooled in radical anti-Americanism, the bottom may fall out on Barack Obama, completely and totally. about those Harvard transcripts, Mr. President? What are you afraid of?

Now this is a conspiracy theory! Let's see the transcripts! Harvard, open ye doors to the sunlight!

And for good measure, I'll toss in one more - what was Joe Biden doing at the "beer summit", anyway? Perhaps....another white man was needed for the photo op? Hmmm.....

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