Thursday, August 20, 2009

Obama Sends a Message To The Jews...

Well, just because 75% of them voted for you, you can't take them for granted, right? You gotta keep them in line!

So Obama held a conference call for close to 1000 influential Reform (aka liberal) rabbis from across America. In it, he pretty much gave them their marching orders for the High Holy days, coming up next month. In fact, the invitation read as follows:

This call can provide valuable information when you decide to preach on this issue whether on the High Holy Days, during the August 28-30 national health care sermon weekend, or whenever is appropriate for you.

When, not if. Sounds like an order to me. From a participant:

Pres Obama urged us explicitly to discuss healthcare reform in our high holiday sermons.

And if not? Well, Obama left no doubt about what could happen if the Jews should somehow defy him, or choose to support another leader:

...the hold music on the line...was “Deutschland Über Alles.” A number of rabbis apparently expressed discomfort with this choice of music as well.

No sh*t? Really? The German national anthem, beloved by the Nazis for its opening line "Germany, Germany above all, Above all in the world...". A song sung loud by the SS as they herded Jewish women and children into cattle cars to meet an ungodly fate . A song that still creates visions of "Sieg Heil-ing" Nazis.

Yes, that is the song Obama played for the rabbis while on hold.

Accident? Coincidence? Not if I take the liberals at their word that every move by Barack Obama is a calculated act of genius.

Will the rabbis extort their congregation to fall into line behind Obama, as he leads them and the nation of Israel to a 21st century holocaust?

Looks like we are going to see a very interesting holiday this year....

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Jim - PRS said...

The 75% thing continues to baffle me.