Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Neanderthal, Am I ?

....or perhaps I should have titled it: Maxine Waters: Anti-Semitic Racist!

Because really - as a Jew, I have been called "subhuman" since the middle ages. I thought in an enlightened, progressive nation led by liberal Democrats, the last insult I would here again is "subhuman".

Now granted, she didn't use that word exactly, but by calling all those opposed to Obamacare "Neanderthals", she is tagging me with the subhuman moniker. And I take offense. And so should you, at this ignorant, angry, hate-filled bitch masquerading as a lawmaker:

Hey - if the word "macaca" could bring down Senator George Allen, than calling Americans whom disagree with her "Neaderthals" should be enough to force the resignation of Maxine Waters.

Oh wait. My mistake. She's a Democrat. And she's black! So anything goes, I guess...including the laws of respect and and human decency...they go out the window.

Hat tip to JammieWearingFool

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