Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Government Botches Swine Flu Vaccination

But that's OK. Once they take over complete control of the American health-care system, it'll be run better than private industry ever could. Really. Trust us.


...only about a third of the vaccine ordered up to stave off the H1N1 Swine Flu will be ready at the beginning of flu season. The U.S. government is planning on ramping up a mass vaccination in mid October. It will be voluntary but school age children, pregnant women and those with health issues will be highly encouraged to become vaccinated.

Originally the plan was to have 120 million doses of the new vaccine ready for flu season. Now, it is expected that there will be 45 million doses ready. Another 20 million doses will be available each week after that. This vaccination will be separate from the regular flu vaccine offered each year.

Not even close to what we allegedly need:

In July, U.S. advisers said about half the U.S. population, or 160 million people, should get vaccinated against the new pandemic influenza strain, with pregnant women and healthcare workers at the front of the line.

So I am sure that the vaccines, once they arrive, will be properly "rationed" out. Children first, and rightly so. Then the elderly? Who can say?

Failure, then rationing - shortly to be followed by excuses and recriminations over the dead.

But don't complain about it - that's un-American. Just lay down and die, like a good socialist...

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