Monday, August 10, 2009

Nancy Pelosi And Steny Hoyer's Big Lie

No, it's not the claim that the folks protesting nationalized health care are "un-American" - that's a mean, nasty little lie, only believed by those who have already drunk deeply from the liberal Kool-Aid pitcher. No, this is the one that stuck in my craw:

Reform will mean stability and peace of mind for the middle class.

Actually, it won't. Not at all. The health care bill as proposed by the Democrats is one that will harm the middle class the most. The rich have nothing to worry about; they have enough money to pay for any type of treatments they desire, even if they must fly overseas to get it. The poor, who may not have healthcare, will now get it for free.

The middle class is the group that will be torn asunder by nationalized health. Despite Barack and Nancy's repeated vows that no one will be forced onto government health, they cannot guarantee that. Actually, they guarantee the opposite - that companies will find it cheaper to pay the "payroll tax" than to actually offer insurance to their employees, and will thus turn them out, forcing people who were previously satisfied with their insurance onto national health.

And when the middle-class mom needs to take her sick son or daughter to the doctor, what will they find? Weeks-long wait, if they're lucky. Apparently, progressives don't "do" math - how can you offer health insurance to 50 million people and not expect a madhouse at the doctor's office? And how many people will want to become doctors in the future, knowing your earning can only decrease as government bureaucrats look to lower the burden of medical costs on your back?

So what happens? Kids stay sick longer, and parents who need to stay home with them lose valuable earnings. Of course, some folks will just send their kids to school sick anyway, thus spreading illnesses more rapidly and creating an even greater demand for limited physician services?

"Stability and peace of mind"? What a load of sh*t. Every time a middle class citizen gets sick, panic will ensue on exactly how to get treated in a timely fashion so that they may return to work, or a child may return to school. Families will churn doctors trying to find one with the shortest wait time, and nerves will be on edge every time a child sneezes.

That's why you see the middle-class turning out in droves to denounce their representatives for going along with this scam. And I don't think calling them an "Un-American mob" is going to sit very well with them - or scare them into staying home and taking orders...

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