Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Once They're In...

...they never leave, they only take more and more and more....

I'm talking about the government, and about health care, and that's why we'll start with a line from Michelle Malkin's column in the New York Post on "Pay Czar" Kenneth Feinberg:

Regulations governing his office explicitly limit his jurisdiction over contracts signed before Feb. 11, 2009. But the fine print is no obstacle to President Obama's czars. "The statute provides these guideposts, but the statute ultimately says I have discretion to decide what it is that these people should make and that my determination will be final," Feinberg claims. "Anything is possible under the law."

"Anything is possible under the law"

That's a terrifying quote from a government "czar". But maybe he's right, and the law is malleable enough to allow almost any action taken under its pretext to be allowable.

Government without limits. And they wonder why the American people are so opposed to "Obamacare"? They don't believe his lies that we'll be able to keep our healthcare, that the public option will not crowd out private insurance, and that there won't be panels rationing care to the sick and elderly.

And why should they believe? There is no true health care bill yet; Obama is just looking for public support so that he can rubber-stamp whatever monstrosity emerges from the mediocre minds of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. And do we really believe the prince and princess of America's far-Left will craft a bill that does not include the heavy hand of government bureaucracy?

Of course they will. And once they believe the public is behind them, the amorphous health-care bill will have so many czars and commissars and panels and commissioners that there will be a hundred government hands touching every aspect of your life.

And there will be law covering each one of them. And to paraphrase our Obama's pay czar, "anything will be possible [under] those laws".

The key is not to even let the government through the front door; 'cause once they're in, they'll never, ever leave. That's is the fierce urgency of the battle that is being fought right now, between an reluctant American people and their so-called representatives, and media.

If the government wins, we the people will never recapture what it is we lost.

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Anonymous said...

scary that he feels he can just say this out loud, with no fear of repercussions. MAybe because he knows there's a law that covers it?

And imagine if Dick Cheney.Kral Rove had said such a thing? The media would have shat themselves.