Monday, August 10, 2009

Obama Ends Health Care Debate With A New Logo !

That's right! Because Americans are too stupid to think for themselves, and all they need is a shiny new logo to make them stand up, pay attention, and obey!

This is the logo that the Democrats think will end the health care debate, once and for all:

Hmmm. Maybe. And perhaps it will remind folks of other logos and similarly-themed government propoganda, like these:

Looks like the Nazis and the imperial Japanese loved those halos of light as well, shining down upon the leader, or the people under the leader's beautific guidance.

And if the logo fails to work on the dense citizenry of the United States? Well, perhaps a jingle will be next, a catchy little tune devised to wake us out of our television-induced slumber and point us towards the rightousness of Obama's cause?

Maybe. But maybe we've already awoken, and don't like what we see. If so, it might take a bit more than shiny new logos to put an uppity populaiton back in its place...

Hat tip: Robbin Swad at The Examiner

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