Thursday, August 09, 2012

Mitt's Massive Majority?

Paul Rahe is expecting a landslide...for Mitt Romney, come the 2012 general election.  Noting that key pollsters are calling the race "neck and neck", Rahne declares they are missing the forest for the trees:

In my opinion, none of the psephologists mentioned above has reflected on the degree to which the administrative entitlements state...has entered a crisis, and none of them is sensitive to the manner in which Barack Obama, in his audacity, has unmasked that state’s tyrannical propensities and its bankruptcy. In consequence, none of these psephologists has reflected adequately on the significance of the emergence of the Tea-Party Movement, on the meaning of Scott Brown’s election and the particular context within which he was elected, on the election of Chris Christie as Governor of New Jersey and of Bob McDonnell as Governor of Virginia, and on the political earthquake that took place in November, 2010. That earthquake, which gave the Republicans a strength at the state and local level that they have not enjoyed since 1928, is a harbinger of what we will see this November.

Rahne leaves out the shocking (to some) show of nationwide grassroots support for Chick-fil-A last week, as it was under attack by the liberal administrators of the welfare state, who weren't satisfied that the company was merely following the myriad of regulations the government had laid out, they insisted that it think the way the state demanded it to as well.

Not a point stressed by the mainstream media, or by the Left.  They understood it, of course, quite clearly.  But they thought it prudent not to mention it, perhaps hoping the underlying point would go unnoticed among the proletariat if they turned it into a "gay rights" issue.

The overwhelming amount of people that showed up to support a fast-food restaurant stunned the liberal elite. On the other hand, the turnout for a gay-friendly counter-protest at Starbucks ("Starbucks Appreciation Day") surprised no one.

Expect similar results and reactions after the polls close on November 6th...

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