Saturday, August 25, 2012

Government Intervention - The 0.7% Solution

From a recent George Will column on the government's nutritional activism:

A study of nearly 20,000 students from kindergarten through eighth grade found that among those with easy access to high-calorie snacks in schools, 35.5 percent were overweight — compared with 34.8 percent of children in schools without such snacks.

Expect this result to be used in a drive to...increase government money of anti-obesity programs.


Because obese people obviously need to be told that they're obese, and their lifestyle is unhealthy.  Because the government telling them so is so much more effective than the feedback they get from family, friends, and the irritated passenger next to them on the bus.

Of course, it could just be that liberal busybodies are the ones jonesing to satisfy a twisted craving of their own:  the fulfillment of their endless quest for moral superiority.  In this case, the high is reached by poking fatties in the gut while"tsk-tsking" them.  Oh yeah, feel the rush...

He doesn't need a bucket...he needs a bureaucrat!

The obese spend themselves into poverty over-eating, while drug addicts often succumb to a life of petty theft to stay high.  The liberal bureaucrat does both - stealing money from the citizenry to protect their own pathetic self-image, while creating poverty by wasting resources on nonexistent problems.

Call it "The 0.7% Solution"...

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