Saturday, August 11, 2012

Barack Obama Hating On Paul Ryan: If Looks Could Kill...

The video below has been getting a lot of play lately, in which Paul Ryan, in a mere six minutes, exposes ObamaCare as a moral, medical, and financial fraud.

And Baracky doesn't like it.

As early as the 1:45 mark ("a bill that is full of gimmicks and smoke and mirrors") the president takes on the look of a trapped animal.  At 3:38 ("the most cynical gimmick that is in this bill...") Obama is already twitching, and by the 5:21 mark, well...if I had to guess what Obama was thinking at that moment, it would be the manner in which he would best enjoy snuffing the life out of Paul Ryan:

"Good, honest hatred. Very refreshing"
~Commander Kor to James T. Kirk ("Errand of Mercy")

Watch it all, if you want to see an intellectual takedown of a dilettante, a poseur, a wannabe, a lightweight, a waif, a fool:

More here on the animosity between the two men.  Here's the ultimate take-home truth, all you need to know, if you skipped the vid above:

“Obama thinks he is smart and in command of the facts. Ryan actually is.”

Ruh-oh, Shaggy...

UPDATE:  Linked by R.S. McCain - thanks dude!  More on Paul Ryan (as our Hitler du jourhere.  And a recent piece in which we discover that the Democrats believe they have determined the price-point at which Americans would be willing to forfeit some of our most basic freedoms to the government: $16.67

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