Wednesday, August 29, 2012

In Which Yahoo Proves That Every Negative Thing This Blog Has Ever Written About Them Is 100% True...

***UPDATE**** Yahoo just announced they have terminated Chalian effective immediately!!!! VICTORY!

If you read this blog with any regularity, you know how vile and detestable I find Yahoo News.  If you don' can find my beefs  herehere,  here here and here, and here and here...and here.   (This one is my most recent favorite, though).

It's the MSNBC of the internet...and in case you ever doubted it, Yahoo News Washington bureau chief David Chalian lifted the mask off for all to see yesterday:

In video broadcast Monday night by ABC and Yahoo over the Internet, Chalian can be heard claiming that GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife Ann are unconcerned about the fate of residents of the New Orleans area who are currently being hit by Hurricane Isaac.

“They aren’t concerned at all,” Chalian can be heard on the live broadcast. “They are happy to have a party when black people drown.”

That line elicits laughter from several employees listening in on the joke.

From the audio, it appears Chalian was talking to an unknown individual named “John” who appears to have made some sort of quip which cannot be heard on the video.

The anti-Romney joke was made while Chalian was on an active microphone, apparently unaware that his quips against the former Massachusetts governor were being recorded and broadcast live...

Any surprise that when Yahoo puts up the "news", it looks like this (taken two weeks ago):

Or like this (on the eve of the Republican convention):

Chalian comes off as one of the worst type of people, regardless of political affiliation -  one who lays false claims to another party's morality so he can lift his mean, miserable little self to the esteemed perch that his desperate little ego so vainly aspires to.

Turns out Chalain is simply rolling about in the gutter.  If he looks about, he'll see a lot of his liberal friends there...

UPDATE:  Yuk.  He's a local boy.  Morganville is adjacent to Old Bridge.  The shame, the shame...

UPDATE II: Speaking of shame... remember this "impartial "moderator from the McCain/Obama debates?

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