Thursday, May 26, 2011

Can Somebody Tell Jennifer Granholm That It's Just Liberal Women Who Are Unattractive?

Jennifer Granholm, former Democratic governor of Michigan, tries to explain why female politicans don't (or can't?) get as much action as the guys:

According to Granholm, women do not have as many underlings drooling over them as men do.

“For women in power there just aren’t the opportunities,” she said, asserting that her comment was just a generalization.

“We aren’t getting interns coming up to us, putting their phone numbers in their pockets, where as men in power get a lot more of that than women do.”

She added that powerful women also might not be as alluring to men as powerful men are to women.

Well, gee, Jennifer, maybe it's just a certain type of female politician who gets no love. I can thing of a few ladies right now that have many a man wishing they could slip something into their pockets. Problem is, they're all Republicans:

Now here's a lineup of liberal "lovlies"

I dunno - maybe men love women who are strong, independent, and seek power not for the ability to impose their world view upon others, but seek it so that they and their children can grow up in the very same freedom-loving America that they did.

I've talked in  the past about how liberal women are just so god-damned ugly, to quote Dr. Zira.  And why is that so?

Because external ugly always has it's roots on the inside.  And the socialists, totalitarian soul is not just ugly,. but repulsive, especially to men.

Want to get a little something, Governer Granholm?  Lay off the socialism for a while, it'll do a lot for your looks...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the road show. I love the comparisons. How much more stark can it get?
Kitty C

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