Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ObamaCare Waivers: Biden Plays "Hide The Football"

True legitimacy never has anything to hide. But corruption, collusion, and connivers must stay in the shadows in order to retain the illusion of being licit. Once dishonesty hits the sunshine, its protective coating disintegrates, allowing its stench to permeate the public consciousness and thus hastening its demise.

Joe Biden knows this is the case with the ObamaCare waivers the administration has been handing out like candy to favored constituencies. Thus, he shirks his duties as Vice President in order to keep this shady game away from the eyes of the public:

President Barack Obama’s healthcare overhaul “transparency” and “openness” took another turn for the worst at the beginning of this week as it’s recently come to light that Vice President Joe Biden has failed to deliver certain necessary information on rules and regulations to the Senate.

Specifically, the new regulations Biden dropped the ball with were, according to a GOP Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee staffer, “the entire final HHS rule for Health Insurance Issuers Implementing Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) Requirements Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.” Biden was supposed to deliver the regulations last fall.

Another major part of this rule, according to the GOP Senate HELP Committee staffer, is that a large portion of Obamacare waivers, including three of the seven statewide waivers the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has handed out, have been exemptions from the MLR requirements. The MLR waiver numbers pale in comparison to annual limit requirement waivers, though.

Even so, this Obamacare stipulation’s fans and foes can agree on one thing: Biden’s job as Senate President is to deliver the rule from HHS to the Senate Parliamentarian so Senators can debate the rule and offer resolutions of disapproval.

As Sen. Mike Enzi, Wyoming Republican and Ranking Member on the Senate HELP Committee, has pointed out, Biden’s failed to do the job....

Question to ponder:

At what point does the rule of law begin to disintegrate in the United States?

Is this an irrevocable process? Or can it be turned around with new leadership, using the example of Rudy Giuliani and New York City circa 1992?

Is our economic decline causing us - for the first time in our nation's history - to devolve into banana-republic status, or is this decline the responsibility of current leadership, and its stewardship of the economy and the law?

Given certain answers to these questions, one might come to realize there is only one man who can stem our moral, economic, and legal decline into third-worldism.

Unfortunately, he seems intent on staying in New Jersey...


LibertyAtStake said...

As far as I'm concerned, Christie needs to explain why he won't allow NJ to join the states' lawsuit against the individual mandate (ObamaCare).

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