Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bibi vs. Barack: Postmortem

We said, a long time ago, this wasn't a fair fight.  But Obama, like a punch-drunk pugalist who can't fathom that his best years are behind him, forced Bibi into the ring for another match.  And there should have been no surprise at the final result.

The headlines tell the story:

Obama left to choke on Bibi's dust

John Podhoretz scored the bout a bit differently:

Israel's old pro has O's number
The score: Bibi 3, Barack 0.
In a demonstration of political and policy haplessness almost without precedent, the president of the United States decided last week for the third time in three years to go after a beloved ally of the United States with no practical goal and for no practical purpose.
And for the third time, he has had his hat handed to him.

More, from Aaron Miller:

To pick a fight with the Israelis on the eve of the visit of an Israeli prime minister with whom you don't have a relationship (but who you need if you want to get anywhere on the peace process) is dumb; to put out June 1967 lines without any backgrounding after the speech is dumb; to take a position in non-existent negotiations and identify your position as a would-be mediator is dumb; and to send a message to the Palestinians that "you really have me scared about your virtual statehood initiative so maybe I'll identify my position on Jerusalem next" is dumb.

The smarter play would have been running silent and deep now, not loud and noisy.

But all the president has is oration....and the ability to conduct "smart" diplomacy.  Oh, wait....

But Barack does have one ace in the hole: NPR.  Since he decides whether or not they get to exist, they pander and flatter him the way the scared ancients franctically offered sacrifices to their stone gods when they saw the skies darken and heard the thunder rumble...via the PJ Tatler:

NPR – you remember them, the “public” radio network that got caught fund-raising with the Muslim Brotherhood – is at it again in response to Israeli PM Netanyahu’s speech in front of Congress. Who do they choose to respond? Israel’s perpetual enemy John Mearsheimer. Then they wrap up with ultra-liberal Aaron David Miller. No defender of Israel in sight.

That’s National PUBLIC Radio, folks. Not Tass or Izvestia. Your dollars at work.

Well, not really ours. Obama's....