Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dominique Strauss-Kahn: Socialism as Rape

So it turns out the head of the IMF, and the presumed presidential candidate of the French Socialist Party, is a rapist:

The French political bigshot who heads the International Monetary Fund was arrested for allegedly sodomizing a Manhattan hotel maid yesterday -- hauled off an Air France flight just moments before takeoff from Kennedy Airport, police sources said.

Three Port Authority detectives pulled Dominique Strauss-Kahn from the plane's first-class cabin just two minutes before it was due to depart for Paris, according to the police sources

The trouble began at around 1 p.m. yesterday when a 32-year-old housekeeper entered Strauss-Kahn's $3,000-a-night suite at the luxury Sofitel on West 44th Street -- apparently unaware he was still inside.

The married Strauss-Kahn was in the bathroom, and emerged naked, chased her down a hallway and pulled her into a bedroom, where "he jumps her," a source said.

"She pulled away from him and he dragged her down a hallway into the bathroom where he engaged in a criminal sexual act, according to her account to detectives," Browne said. "He tried to lock her into the hotel room."

A predator, preying on, and imprisoning the very people - a poor, menial laborer, likely a 3rd-world immigrant - that the dictates of socialism would demand he protect.  All while staying in rooms costing $3K/night and flying continent to continent first class.

Ayn Rand got it right, of course:

When you consider socialism, do not fool yourself about its nature...No human rights can exist without property rights.  To deny property rights means to turn men into property owned by the state. Whoever claims the “right” to “redistribute” the wealth produced by others is claiming the “right” to treat human beings as chattel.

Not unlike Strauss-Kahn, all right.  Rand adds the following:

No man of authentic benevolence could evade or ignore so great a horror on so vast a scale.

Socialism is not a movement of the people. It is a movement of the intellectuals, originated, led and controlled by the intellectuals, carried by them out of their stuffy ivory towers into those bloody fields of practice where they unite with their allies and executors: the thugs.

...and share in the spoils, like the body of Strauss-Kahn's unfortunate maid. Which apparently he had more right to than she did.

Their is no separation from the rapist and his socialism - this heinous act was an outgrowth of a political philosophy, of that I have no doubt.

Remember that, the next time you hear the Democrats talk about "shared sacrifice", or "shared prosperity", or "The People's" anything.  You are the ones being sacrificed to their desires, and the prosperity will be theirs, for they are truly "The People".

Just ask Dominique Strauss-Kahn....

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