Saturday, October 20, 2012

Yahoo! Works Feverishly To Reassure The Base

Over at The Corner, David French notes the Obama campaign's recent focus on abortion (of all crises, the most compelling, apparently), and makes two salient points:

If a Republican launched a similar base-focused blitz three weeks before the election, the MSM would see that as an unmistakable sign of trouble; and

...The MSM likely won’t report the signs of trouble because they are in part the base that’s being reassured.

If you doubt any of his conclusions, just turn to your local Yahoo! homepage (click to enlarge):

(The final two may seem innocuous, but the "Republican Governor's" story is a plea for tax hikes to accompany and spending cuts, while the last one simply reinforces the anti-Israel, anti-Semetic worldview of the Left.)

One is left to wonder, Yahoo! re-assuring Obama's base, or are their news editors (like the infamous David Chalian) simply trying to reassure...themselves?

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