Wednesday, October 10, 2012

DNC Suffers As Obama Refuses To "Spread The Wealth"

Barack Hypocrite Obama?  Oh, you betcha!  Via Hot Air:

The national party committees, in a presidential election year, do benefit from a joint fundraising committee that raises money both for them and for their presidential candidate. But while Mitt Romney’s joint committee has sent $86 million to the RNC since March, President Obama’s joint committee has sent significantly less — about $35 million — to the DNC, including a total of zero dollars in August.

Which means the Democratic party has been reduced to surviving the same way much of middle-class America maxing out their credit:

The Democratic National Committee had more debt than cash on hand when the general election started in September, a troubling fact few people have noticed to this point in the campaign.

We already knew that the Republican National Committee had more than 10 times as much cash as the DNC while the party’s were holding their conventions, but a closer look at the DNC’s August report shows it also took out $8 million in loans during that month — which means it had more debt ($11.8 million) than cash on hand ($7.1 million).

So even given an (increasingly unlikely) scenario of  a Barack Obama re-election, it appears - thanks to the president's avarice, greed, and selfishness - that he would be faced with House still dominated by Republicans, and perhaps even a Senate held by the opposition party as well.

Spreading the wealth, apparently, is an acceptable moral formulation only when other people's money is being spread -  into the hands of the Obamas....

No surprise, really, given the way the Barack treats his brother...

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