Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Liberalism's Death Throes?

The "debate debacle" did more than prove that the emperor had no clothes.  It also proved, once and for all, that liberalism as a political philosophy is an indefensible failure.  After all, look at the criticisms Obama's allies on the Left offered post-debate:  He should have brought up "the 47%", called Mitt a liar, and been...much much angrier.  Maybe so, but those are tactics, jabs and feints, and not actually a rallying cry to line up behind the president's ideology.

The Left as a whole sees the existential damage that is being done to their cause, and they are "freaking out", to quote Jennifer Rubin:

The left’s freak-out is instructive of their view that Obama the candidate flopped but that liberalism as a cause was unblemished. In fact, Obama’s record and rhetoric on everything from hostility to business to regret for America’s international “triumphalism” to pro-abortion extremism to the expansion of the liberal welfare state is as close as a president has ever come to the left’s undistilled worldview. His failure to revive the economy after gorging on Keynesianism, like his one-man-wrecking crew in the “peace process” (evidencing the hard left’s antipathy toward the Jewish state), is, in essence, not only a personal failure. His ideas, the left’s hymnal, collapsed on contact with reality.

Grappling with a reality that has shown their life's philosophical work to be useless, and their soul's allegiance to be sworn to a false god (liberalism, not necessarily Obama himself,  but one sees more and more why he was viewed as their "messiah made flesh"), how does the Left react?

By curling into a ball, and hiding behind Sesame Street.

William Kristol:

It's fictional. It's childish. It's as fictional and childish as the make-believe world of Obama's liberalism—a liberalism that scorns Wall Street, and disdains Main Street … but embraces Sesame Street.

This is not going to end well for the True Believers...

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