Monday, October 08, 2012

"Obama Girl" Is So 2008.... it's all about...Paul Ryan??

Oh, you betcha:

Best comment from the YouTube page:

Wait, is that gabby douglas?!? oooh michelle's gunna beat your ass for crossing the picket line...

Actually, this meme has been around for a while now; well prior to his selection as VP:

Uh oh...if Obama loses his "cool", what else does he really have left?  After all, he's already lost the "Obama Girl"....

"I think he's doing an OK job," said Amber Lee Ettinger, whose original "Crush on Obama" video, first shown in 2007, has had more than 16.5 million views on YouTube.

"In my opinion, I feel like he should be focusing a lot more on jobs and the economy."
Ettinger, 28, said that even though she doesn't have health care -- "I can't afford it" -- she still thinks Obama should have waited to tackle the thorny legislation that has been blamed for the devastating Democratic loss of Ted Kennedy's Senate seat.

"He did create some jobs, but most of them were government jobs and that doesn't really help the middle class. But it helps a bit," said Ettinger.

Her grade for Obama: B- minus...

We'll give Amber an "A".   Because it's always heartening to see see someone learn their lesson..


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