Monday, October 15, 2012

Meet...The Paul Ryan Girl!

OK, she's not quite as hot as former Obama girl Amber Lee Ettinger (who appears to deeply regret her vote, if not her video) but Maredith Walker is quite fetching with her 80's-style workout routine, complete with leg-warmers... and this time I can sing along with the lyrics:

...I love it that your plan saves Medicare, your budget has a sexy flair.
There’s nothing left to talk about except the economy!

Let’s get fiscal, fiscal.
I wanna get fiscal,
Let’s get into solvency.
Let me hear reality, reality.
A dose of that reality.
Let’s get fiscal, fiscal.
I wanna get fiscal, save Social Security.
Time to make Obama walk, no more talk.
Time to make Obama walk....

...Let’s forget the spending sprees.
Give me some reality, reality.
Whisper straight talk to me.

Let’s get fiscal, fiscal.
I wanna get fiscal.
Let’s get fiscal sanity.
Let me see you pull that bow, kill that doe.
Spending bills have got to go

And yes, that is Amber Lee herself making a cameo with a resume and a "I want Paul Ryan's baby" t-shirt.!  How quickly things change...

And since we've posted more than our fair share of Obama Girl photos (she became much more attractive to us after she dumped that creep), let's give Maredith Walker a shot at fame as well:

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