Wednesday, October 31, 2012

So it's been a rough few days... this blogger has been without power, heat, hot water, and cell service since early Monday evening (moments after my last post, actually). I've since evacuated west, where I won't freeze to death as quickly.

I'll return to regular blogging as soon as I have access to regular power. In the meantime; fare thee well. And be assured that things are actually a bit worse than they seem, as I have seen opportunistic robbery and looting even within my little town in Jersey. Not sure if this is even being reported, as I have not been able to catch much coverage.

Which leads to another issue - the lack of information to those affected by the storm. It's amazing how many government officials have told us to "log on" for more information. Hey, assholes, I'm listening to you on a hand-cranked radio by candlelight - how the f*ck am I going to "log on" to anything?

So rumor abounds at the few establishments that are open; with the worst news (true or false) traveling the fastest. You would hope government could do better. Or perhaps, knowing the nature of government, I should have expected the worst, and allowed myself to be pleasantly surprised by any show of actual competence...

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