Thursday, October 11, 2012

We're On An Express Elevator To "1984"

First we had last week's cooked jobs number, showing a 0.3% drop in the unemployment figure due to the creation of an unbelievably high 873,000 jobs .  And while the media rises as one to defend the palace, other sober-minded folks, like Mickey Kaus, are not quite as sure:

...why do I find myself sympathizing with the BLS-skeptics? Because while I don’t buy the skepticism, I don't share in the righteous MSM claim that the skepticism is crazy.

Don’t tell me, reassuringly, that these BLS people aren’t political appointees but career civil servants.... And I would guess at least 80% of them were Democrats–certainly in the Department of Labor. If you were a Republican, would you go work in the Department of Labor at some mid-level analyst’s job?

...Human beings will lie if the stakes are high enough, even normally honest professionals.

Which brings us to this:

Initial Jobless Claims Tumble To 339K Lowest Since 2008, Far Below Lowest Expectation

Great news that verifies the Labor data? Uh, not exactly:

This is just getting stupid. After expectations of a rebound in initial claims from 367K last week (naturally revised higher to 369K), to 370K (with the lowest of all sellside expectations at 355K), the past week mysteriously, yet so very unsurprisingly in the aftermath of the fudged BLS unemployment number, saw claims tumble to a number that is so ridiculous not even CNBC's Steve Liesman bothered defending it, or 339K. Ironically, not even the Labor Department is defending it: it said that "one large state didn't report some quarterly figures." Great, but what was reported was a headline grabbing number that is just stunning for reelection purposes. This was the lowest number since 2008. The only point to have this print? For 2-3 bulletin talking points at the Vice Presidential debate tonight. Everything else is now noise.

Rumor has it that the state that was left off the jobless claims report this week was California - coincidentally, one of the most populous and economically crippled states in the union.

The media, as noted above, play along.  Compared to the above, though, this Boston Globe pro-Warren (aka "Granny") bias is small cheese:

You want some more stats from the Globe, Granny? On Sept. 30, you were five points ahead in a poll, and the Globe put it above the fold on page one, the lead story. Yesterday, Scott Brown was four points ahead in a poll, and the Globe used it as a news-in-brief item on page B2.

Of course  everything, even the twisted labor numbers, is small cheese compared to the Big Lie told about the Benghazi assault, in which a terrorist attack was re-classified as a "riot" in order to protect Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton...

With the media having joined forces with the King, we are left with little protection (think Saruman joining Sauron in Lord of the Rings).  But it appears as if the propagandists have gone too far, and we the people now believe very little of what we see, or read, save the evidence of our own eyes.

Which is a good thing.  Even Homer Simpson was smarter than these clowns.  When reviewing a forged report from Bart, one in which the boy needed a B average to go away for the summer:

"You know, a D turns into a B so easily. You just got greedy."
~Kamp Krusty

Obama, and the media, have pushed it too far....but nothing is over yet. Whether the nation embraces or rejects an Orwellian future will be determined in just a few short weeks...

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