Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Finally, A Polling Metric We Can Rely On!

Molly Hemingway over at Ricochet gives us all the latest polls, and a pattern emerges quickly:

(IBD/TIPP)   Romney 43, Obama 47  Obama +4

(WashTimes/JZ Analytics) Romney 47, Obama 50  Obama +3

(CBS News) Romney 46, Obama 48  Obama +2

(ABC News/Wash Post) Romney 48, Obama 49     Obama +1

(Monmouth/SurveyUSA/Braun) Romney 48, Obama 45     Romney +3

(Rasmussen Reports) Romney 50, Obama 46     Romney +4

(Gallup) Romney 51, Obama 45  Romney +6

The top four polls are all done by, or in tandem with, what one would call the mainstream media.  The final three are all  conducted solely by true, full-time polling organizations.

So there should be little to no surprise that the media-based polling results all favor Barack Obama - seemingly against all reality - while the data provided by the pure polling companies show Romney beginning to break away.

You don't need to mine these polls any longer to find the ridiculous sampling errors that create such odd results (like this CBS News/Quinnipiac poll showing Obama +5 in Ohio, with a +D9 sample in a state that broke evenly along partisan lines in 2010).  Just look at who is presenting the data;  if there is a MSM name attached, just throw it out.  Delete is as you would spam; it's about as useful.

On second thought, keep a few on file.  Looking forward to holding some of these folks to account when their Obama +3 claims turn out to be Romney +4 in the voting booth....

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LibertyAtStake said...

Added to the "Bleating Death Throes of the Sclerotic MSM Dinosaur" file.