Tuesday, October 23, 2012

America Sees The "Obama Death Stare"

...OK, it is still preferable to the stoner cackle of Joe Biden, but many debate viewers found it bizarre and off-putting..

NRO has a video, where Obama's incessant blinking as he holds the stare incessantly makes him seem all that much creepier...

But while most of America hasn't seen the Obama Death Stare before, plenty of Barack's other adversaries have.  Here he is giving it to Paul Ryan, as our future VP methodically takes apart Obaamcare:

"Good, honest hatred. Very refreshing"
~Commander Kor to James T. Kirk ("Errand of Mercy")

He fixed that glare on Ryan for some six-plus minutes, and Ryan didn't flinch.  That's why he was on the top of the short-list...

Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu is used to it already:

Even the media has seen it, on those rare occasions where they have actually dared questioned His Excellency on matters of State:

The fact is, the "death stare" is Obama's go-to face:

While we want our presidents to appear dignified, Obama's grim facade seems more like an attempt to intimidate than communicate.  Unless, of course, intimidation is the message he wishes to communicate.

Of course, I might be simply mistaking anger for what is actually childish petulance, the screwed-tight face of a peevish youth, who was just told something he or she didn't want to hear.  Normally the actions following "the face" will be denial, fruitless arguments, and finally, a tantrum.

Well, those are Obama's actions, anyway.  A well-reared child will oft react better...

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