Monday, February 06, 2012

Why People Hate Politicians: Exhibit A - Loretta Weinberg

She's a Jersey Democrat, and leader of the state Senate - NJ's own Nancy Pelosi, as it were -so you know where this is going...

Bob Ingle at the Asbury Park Press reports on her latest liberal tomfoolery:

...she introduces a bill to change the lyrics of Rutgers’ school song, “On the Banks of the Old Raritan.” She wants the 139-year-old song to change lyrics that say “My father sent me to old Rutgers, and resolv’d that I should be a man.” She points out half the student body is women. There are numerous serious problems faced by New Jersey, one of them being it’s harder for young folks to afford a college education. Weinberg should work on that. And if the students and faculty at Rutgers really have a problem with the lyrics, let them work it out amongst themselves.

Agreed - this is a Rutgers issue, and a relatively minor one at that. The fact that Loretta Weinberg is getting involved is maddening enough - as Ingle notes, it's not as if Jersey is in any kind of great shape whatsoever. But the fact that she feels entitled to get involved, to believe the situation warrens her interference, the idea this "issue", if it even is one, cannot be resolved without Loretta Weinberg and the Democrats writing new laws to address it - well, that's what makes citizen grit their teeth, grab their pitchforks, and start lighting their torches...

Judging by the comments on the Scarlet Nation message board, the Rutgers student body seems smarter than those who claim to be their citizen leaders:

Are you kidding me? With all of the problems in NJ this is her focus? I'm a die hard independent, but I guess I should not be surprised that this is coming from a democrat what point do forsake all tradition to become 100% PC? Let's modify Kennedy's speech to eliminate 'mankind'

...I understand our society has changed... and in many cases for the better. But is this REALLY that offensive? I just don't see why certain individuals feel so compelled to take away harmless traditions so that they can prove some point. I mean it’s not like we are the Rutgers Redskins doing a Sentinel chop.

....I'm a big time liberal but I have two major problems with this:
1. How about worrying about higher education is funded and now how it's sung. Anyone who actually believed in education and not political grandstanding would see that.

2. What's wrong with the alma mater as is. It's a song about the history of the university. Historically it was a men's school.

...if the ....0001% of females are offended they can say their own words in replacement. In the meantime, they will spend money on focus groups and meeting in the Rutgers student center using student fees on such a trivial subject

Along with some suggestions for replacing the "offending" lyrics:

The lifeguards sent me to Old Rutgers,
And resolved that I should get a tan….

The A Team sent me to Old Rutgers,
And resolved that I should have a plan….

Wolves sent me to Old Rutgers,
And resolved that I should kill a lamb….

Chi-Chi’s sent me to Old Rutgers,
And resolved that I should eat some flan….

Rutgers was originally chartered in 1766, one of nine pre-Revolutionary "colonial colleges".   It has withstood natural disasters, war, and all of the ills New Jersey could throw its way.  But can it withstand Loretta Weinberg, and political correctness?

The founders - ministers of the Dutch Reform Church - are spinning in their graves.  Probably under exit 14A on the New Jersey Turnpike...

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