Tuesday, February 14, 2012

CNN Goes Full-Propaganda On Obama's "Budget"...

...hey, even the AP had the common courtesy to call it what it was: A political document.  But maybe in fact CNN did in fact see it the same way.  But instead of pointing out the inherit flaws in the document, they jumped to the defense of their ideological doppelganger by lying about the budget's bottom line.  Via the Daily Caller:

On CNN’s Monday broadcast of President Barack Obama’s speech about his budget proposal in Annadale, Va., the network’s chyron said that the president would cut $4 trillion in spending and raise $1.5 trillion in taxes over 10 years, suggesting $5.5 trillion in deficit reduction.

However, the White House doesn’t even make that claim. Obama says his proposal makes reductions of $4 trillion — $1 trillion agreed upon last year and $3 trillion in this budget. But since only $3 trillion are in this budget (including the $1.5 trillion in tax hikes), the CNN interpretation falls short by $2.5 trillion ($5.5 trillion – $3 trillion = $2.5 trillion off).

And that’s based on the Obama administration’s numbers.

However, if you base it on analysis from the Senate Budget Committee Republicans, there’s only $273 billion in deficit reduction, not $3 trillion or $4 trillion, making the CNN report incorrect by $5.2 trillion..

Well, hopefully the people stuck in airports waiting for connecting flights - CNN's primary viewing audience these days - weren't too confused. CNN was simply doing their master's bidding. Hey, lying on behalf of the president and the Democratic party has worked wonders for NBC...

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