Saturday, February 11, 2012

Scarlett Johansson: Deep Inside The Mind Of A Liberal

...yeah, I know, like searching for bacterium in a cave.  But her mentality, mindset, worldview, and moral judgement are so typical of the genus "Liberal" that they are worth examining,  despite their overall ickiness. Hand-washing is mandatory afterwards.

Scarlett spoke the other day on Rick Santorum's now-iconic sweater vests:

'Oh gosh, so sad,' the actress said when asked about the former US Senator for Pennsylvania's favourite fashion item. She added that 'my dad wore them.'

But wait, it gets there anything more out-of-touch than the second part of this sentence?

Johansson continued: 'I mean, sweater vests are, I guess, charming for family photos and dinner with the grandparents... But I think you (can) wear a sweater vest ironically, right? Just go to the Lower East Side!'


Because Americans off all stripes debate whether to rock an "ironic" style, no doubt. Or in other words, if you wear huge glasses, drink Pabst Blue Ribbon, and smoke "American Spirit" cigarettes in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn you are unbelievably hip; but if you do it in downtown Des Moines, you're unbearably "sad".

Hipster trap.  Not humane...

These are the people who run the country, by the way. Does the ruin around you make sense now?

Johansson made these remarks while doing a fashionista fund-raiser for Barack Obama. When the RNC pointed out the intellectual disconnect of the Democrats -the party claiming to be for "the little guy" - holding a 'ritzy' and 'celebrity-filled' event while 12 milion Americans were out of work, Scarlett replied with all of the depth at her disposal:

Johansson responded to the RNC: 'Why would they say that? They are all so unfashionable. Let them say what they want!'

Style over substance. A bit too revealing, perhaps?

Paging Mr. McCain? Hello,  Rule 5

More from Scarlett:

President Obama and his wife, however, were in a different league, she felt. 'I think they both have a casual cool about them.

Fascists always seem to have that. Or at least it is attributed to them, so that each generation's tragically hip have an excuse for embracing the hate.

 That's why they get emblazoned on t-shirts, I suppose, and we never do...

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