Saturday, February 04, 2012

Jon McNaughton's "The Forgotten Man" Draws Ire And Fire From The Left

Mr. McNaughton is an artist, and here's one of his works that's causing quite a stir on Rachel Maddow's site:

Virtually all the comments agree one one thing: This work of art is the product of a racist mind, and it takes the sharp minds of the progressive community to see through it.


Just one person with dark skin abusing / ignoring the plight of white people.
Difficult for intelligent people to understand what racists are talking about.
Racist gibberish sounds confusing and odd...

I've learned some things about what racist people tell their children to instill hatred and fear. It makes my head bend. Such vile filth.

Well, nobody said today's young progressives were employable, but they did get a great four-year education in spotting the racist motivation in every single object - live and inanimate -  around them. Not quite sure if it was worth the $100K investment, though...

Plenty of liberal hatred for their fellow Americans in there as well:

I thought it was the NASCAR standings and Jeff Gordon didn't make the list.

And I do like this one, even if it is sarcastic in intent:

I do not understand the juxtaposition of Obama with dollar bills. I was led to believe that he only deals in food stamps...

Another one of McNaughton's works:  One Nation Under God:

Go to the site and scroll over the image, each character is identified.  Can you find the politician, the smug professor, and "Mr. Hollywood"?

Signed prints can be had for a reasonable price.  Mr. McNaughton, if you should get an order for a signed & framed 12" x 18" from New Jersey, do not be surprised.  Fortunately, I waited a day before sending my check to Susan B. Koman...

More here.

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Anonymous said...

The commentary on Maddow's page is more insidious and less comical than you think.

If the art can be considered "racist", then the Left can have it banned. Part of the effort to cleanse the nation of all negative imagery/commentary in the run-up to the 2012 election.

Do not forget the nature of the people we are dealing with here.