Monday, February 27, 2012

Why is Newark Falling Apart? Ask The City Council...

With the pure-blue social model falling apart quicker than the rest of a purple nation, we can look to them to see what our future holds under continued liberal governance.  We have Detroit as Example A, for sure, but Newark, New Jersey shows us who will be the first to go when that budget crunch finally hits home - and who will leech 'till the very end:

In Newark they’ve cut 1,000 jobs, including 163 police officers is a crime-ridden city. But over at the City Council, they’re living high on the hog. Including council members, there are 57 people in that department and no one has been laid off since 2006. Council members told The Star-Ledger their departmental staffs, salaries and city cars are more than justified by service to residents, who look to the council for help with everything from housing to bail money. Bail money? Council members collectively spent $20,000 yearly on gas for their city-issued cars. The council has a budget of $4.15 million.

That the 20th most dangerous city in America you're talking about, and they are cutting cops because the politicians won't give up their free cars, free gas, and staffs of go-fors. They justify it by claiming that without their assistance, Newark residents would be able to get all the free government money they are entitled to.

Including bail money? No wonder Newark politicians are laying off cops. Apparently, they are subsidizing crime...

Which, of course, leads to this:

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