Thursday, February 16, 2012

Connecting The Keystone Pipeline With The Abortion Mandate

The chess pieces seemed to be moving about the board in an incoherent fashion.  But suddenly, as the attack commences, the strategy becomes clear, and the motives of each previous moves are unveiled.

Killing the Keystone pipeline and intentionally antagonizing American Catholics seems like political insanity.  So might it appear to the player whose opponent sacrifices a rook or (ahem) a bishop for what seems to be little value. But if you focus on the entire board, well...what you might do it..gulp.

More Than Just a Touch of Malice, the piece is called:

...there is no good reason that any student of public policy can cite for doing what the President did. Cancelling the pipeline will not delay or stop the extraction of oil from the tar sands in Alberta, and the pipeline itself would pose no environmental threat. If the President’s decision had any purpose, it was symbolic – an indication to all that he cared not one whit about the plight of the white working class and that he was capable of punishing those whom he does not like and more than willing to do so.

In 2008, when he first ran for the Presidency, Barack Obama posed as a moderate most of the time. This time, he is openly running as a radical. His aim is to win a mandate for the fundamental transformation of the United States that he promised in passing on the eve of his election four years ago and that he promised again when he called his administration The New Foundation. In the process, he intends to reshape the Democratic coalition – to bring the old hypocrisy to an end, to eliminate those who stand in the way of the final consolidation of the administrative entitlements state, to drive out the faithful Catholics once and for all, to jettison the white working class, and to build a new American regime on a coalition of highly educated upper-middle class whites, feminists, African-Americans, Hispanics, illegal immigrants, and those belonging to the public-sector unions. To Americans outside this coalition, he intends to show no mercy.

Now that the attack is on us, can we re-organize our defenses in time to save our king and queen?  Or is it too late, have we been fighting the wrong battle all along, and can we only delay the inevitable victory of the champion of the Progressives, and concede to what new rules he applies to the game?

If the Republicans do not open their eyes to reality quickly, and fight the enemy they are actually facing rather than the one they wish to face, all will be lost, regardless of the nominee...

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