Thursday, February 02, 2012

Obama Takes On The Throne...With Muslims As His "Useful Idiots"?

Quite a gauntlet thrown down by Barack Obama before the Church: Put thy government  before thine God, or suffer the penalties of the here, now.

Liberals are besides themselves with joy that the president is attempting to force Catholic organizations to provide free birth control for their employees, regardless of whether or not it violates key tenets of their faith.

NARAL, NOW, Ms. Magazine and the Feminist Majority Foundation all cheered the administration's abuse of the Obamacare law to ram abortion down pro-life medical professionals' throats.

...The ultimate goal is to shut down health care providers -- Catholic health care institutions employ about 540,000 full-time workers and 240,000 part-time workers -- whose religious views cannot be tolerated by secular zealots and radical social engineers.

Is it any surprise their counterparts in the "Occupy" movement have moved from protesting "Wall Street" to harassing pro-life marchers in Washington, D.C., and hurling condoms at Catholic school girls in Rhode Island?

Not to anyone who's paid any attention. But it got me to thinking about liberal's strong support for Islam. I've always found it strange - the left loudly profess anti-religious beliefs as evidence of their intellectual superiority, mock the Church mercilessly, and trade in anti-semetic commentary without flinching. Why, then, this rush to the defense of Islam, whether it be to their wars overseas or their attempts to make cultural inroads here in America?

It dawned on me, when I saw the title of this particular blog post - Liberals and Obama’s War on the Church.

Who else has been waging war against the Church? Why, Islam. While most of the Middle East outside of Israel is already Judenrein, Christians are now being chased out of their ancestral homeland as well. While the Crusades are part of our ancient history, in Islamic lands the battle still rages.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, no?

The liberal-Islamic alliance makes perfect sense now, as they both share the same aim: the destruction of Catholicism and its institutions. And should they succeed, what then?

Do Muslims believe they will get better treatment from the Left than Christians received? Are they playing the role here of  Stalin's "useful idiots"?

Do the liberals believe that, once victorious, hey can leave their erstwhile allies in the dust, and force upon them the same compromises and conversions they forced upon Catholics? And do they believe that the followers of the Prophet will take it meekly?

Someone is under a great misconception here. Hopefully, American Catholics will rise up in rebellion against this man who has proclaimed himself our new God, as well as his armies of Darkness. Otherwise, prepare to worship before a huge glossy photo of The One. Oh, I'm sure Jesus will still be in church somewhere...maybe in the back...

Did Obama ever see "Dogma"? Two fallen angles discuss their next move, as they head to Jersey:

Bartleby: passing through that arch, our sins are forgiven, no harm, no foul.
Loki: My God... I've heard a rant like this before.

Bartleby: What did you say?
Loki: You sound like the Morning star.
Bartleby: You shut your fucking mouth!
Loki: You do! You sound like Lucifer, man! You've fucking lost it! You're not talking about going home, Bartleby, you're talking about fucking war on God! Well, fuck that! I have seen what happens to the proud when they take on the Throne!

Obama, apparently, has not...


Jkw said...

No wonder Americans think Obama is a Muslim,

Anonymous said...

Want to thank all of you, for your Powerfull stand against Oboma & His Corrupted political partners.

But there is so much more we can do. Being aggressive and focusing on the facts and truth is only the first step.

We musT follow Up with more details standing by our convictions and dont back down.

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