Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nanny Bloomberg Resorts To Kicking Dogs...

It doesn't matter that it is a tradition going back over thirty years.   It is irrelevant that, despite its outward appearance as an etiquette breach, it is actually an minor event in itself enjoyed by all who participate.  It doesn't matter it is reported on by all the media in a positive light and usually makes a light-hearted top-story in all of the New York city dailies.

What matters is that this one-meal-a-year occurrence is in violation of the strict guidelines of the Nanny State as established by his Lordship, Mayor Michael Bloomberg I.  So in march the armies of the liberal tyrant - the bureaucrats - and thus end the fun that harmed no one:

A New York tradition more than three decades old ended yesterday when the Health Department declared that starting next year, Sardi’s restaurant can no longer invite the winner of the Westminster Dog Show to a special dinner.
Malachy (pictured), the pint-sized Pekingese, enjoyed a platter of chicken and rice — but his successors won’t be as lucky.

“We can’t be expected to just roll over for the champ. Our primary concern is making sure people and pets follow the doggone rules — ideally without whining or begging,” quipped city Health Department spokesman John Kelly.

Enemy of the (nanny) state...

Restaurant owner Max Klimavicius pointed out that his special guest was served in a private room on the second floor and said he was sorry to see the “ritual’’ end.

Malachy joins another well-known pet in “nanny state’’ exile. Matilda the Algonquin hotel cat, who had been free to roam, had to be put on a leash and banned from the lobby lounge because food is served there..

You vote for Democrats, you hand your life over to folks like John Kelly. You asked for, America.  So shut the f*ck up, and take it in the mouth:

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