Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mike Bloomberg Makes Fool Of Himself, Sestak In Philly

Apparently Mike Bloomberg decided that he was done with this whole "centrist" thing -heck, this whole "democracy" thing - shortly after he bribed his way into a third term as mayor. Taking a break from deriding all opponents of the Ground Zero mosque as "bigots who should be ashamed of themselves", he rolled over to Philadelphia to endorse Pelosi stooge Joe Sestak for Congress over Republican challenger Pat Toomey.

But Billionaire Bloomberg doesn't do "man of the people" stuff very well anymore, especially since his recent decision to totally align himself with the nation's elitist ruling class. So his attempt to be a regular cheesesteak eatin' Philly guy took an embarrassing turn as the manicured Mayor and the snobby Sestak decided to show their bona fides by ordering theirs at a grocery store (The equivalent of getting New York pizza at a deli, or eating at P.F. Changs to show your taste for Chinese food).

To make matters worse, Bloomberg refused to even take a bite of his before the cameras, taking it to go with the assurance he would eat it later. Ah, OK, sure pal. Every red-blooded Philadelphian knows that cheesesteak will be tossed out the back window of your limo on the interstate, like so much public opinion...

Why do I think Bloomberg will become much less in demand for campaign appearances after this fiasco?

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