Saturday, August 28, 2010

AP Claims Islamophobic Americans Ignoring Suffering Muslims

It was not so long ago - fashion changes so quickly - that every single event that happened in the course of both human and natural events, anywhere across the globe, was attributed by the media to be caused by "global warming". Proof was limited to the wayward thoughts of perhaps one drunken scientist, but that was all that was needed to turn the tale into another warning that we are all doomed unless we accepted the wisdom of our climatific betters...

Well, that memo left the room as soon as people had real things to worry about, like paying rent and being able to afford food. But the style of media reporting has not changed, only the twist has, so now all things are not caused by global warming, but by...American anti-Muslim sentiment.

I bring you the AP story making the rounds worldwide today:

Tepid Response From US Public To Pakistan Floods

Americans are giving a paltry amount for relief efforts in flood-stricken Pakistan compared to other overseas disasters. They were more than 40 times more generous for the Haiti earthquake.

Reasons include the slow-motion nature of the calamity, relatively scant TV coverage, and - unmistakably - the fact that the strategic Muslim ally is viewed warily by many Americans.

Well, that an unmistakably bold claim. The remainder of the article talks about all the other reasons that American giving may be down - the timing (August), the slowly unfolding nature of the disaster, the lack of media coverage - but no mention of the crumbling American economy, interestingly (guess we are obliged to give the shirt off our back even if it is acting as our pillow and blanket as well).

The other thing not mentioned? Proof for their "unmistakable" claim that American Islamophobia is the key cause of the lack of American donations. They do have a few back-up accusations from people "convinced" that "The culture of hate and bigotry has robbed the Pakistanis of some much needed aid", but again, offer no evidence to back up their accusations, save for one comment on a HuffPost blog.

But I suppose evidence, like facts, are considered unnecessary in news reporting these days. A baseless slur has become reality simply by mere repetition - "Americans are anti-Muslim". It is now a "fact", just like the "fact" the planet is warming...and like "climate deniers", the anti-Muslim United States is fair game for any kind of viciousness that one feels the desire to unleash in our direction. As haters, you know - we deserve it.

You know, at least the Salem witch hunters of the 1600's held trials...

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