Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Anna Little Goes To Edison

If the Tea Party is an express train, then Anna Little is the..."little" engine that could. Our candidate for NJ-12 (against the detestable Frank Pallone) heads up to Edison, New Jersey, on the same day that Obama was in town slumming with "local business owners". She offers a Tea Party take on the state of the Union, and to the surprise of no one save the tribalist Left, gets a fairly warm welcome in this blue-collar, minority city.

-Check out the 00:37 second mark, where Anna talks to some Ecuadorian immigrants in their native tongue, and signs autographs for them (She's also fluent in French, Russian, and Japanese - that's four more languages than our president is able to speak in. Remove the teleprompter, and it's five).
-Just past the four minute mark, Anna has a great heart-to-talk with another mom...
-At 5:30, some minority rage against illegal immigration and paying for their health care (did anyone tell this young lady the penalty for stepping off the Democratic Plantation? Listen to the foul language from the Obama supporters in the background...). She does disagree with Little at some points, but it was a great conversation with an educated minority voter. It should strike fear in the heart of every Democrat. If they had a brain...

Watch it all, to see the exact type of person the Founders had in mind when they created a House of Representatives:

MoreMonmouthMusings and Manly Rash (a blog that I need to dig into a bit...)

You can contribute to Anna Little here. Let's help our "Little" David defeat Frank Pallone, the Goliath of the Left, and symbol of everything that is wrong with America today...

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