Thursday, August 20, 2009

Michael Moore: Americans Suck !

So that fat, slovenly filmmaker whose girth would be made illegal should his beloved ObamaCare become law speaks to the Hollywood Reporter, and affirms his loathing for the American people the way only a liberal can (or perhaps an Islamic terrorist):

THR: Bill Maher recently said that "America is stupid" and "too dumb to be governed." Do you agree?

Moore: Eight years ago I wrote a book called "Stupid White Men." In that book, I wrote a chapter entitled "Idiot Nation." I think that says it all. Sad, sad, sad.

THR: Have you ever considered leaving the U.S.?

Moore: Thank you for asking! I had never considered this idea until you mentioned it, and now that you have, it doesn't sound like such a bad idea! I guess if I were going to live outside the U.S., I would live in Texas.

THR: What's the No. 1 thing you want to teach your kids?

Moore: Never trust anyone from Texas.

Any surprise there has been a populist backlash (perhaps even a "popular revolt", as Peter Wehner implies?) against our ruling elites, whom treat honest inquiry as a personal affront, and accuse the populace of stupidity when they refuse to blindly follow along?

Pelosi calls us un-American, Reid calls us evil, Moore calls us stupid, and Obama smirks and says we are "misinformed". Their loathing of American citizens (and their rights) is palpable. But to expect unquestioning obedience from those you abuse?

Well, I hate to overuse the phrase "stupid", but...


Anonymous said...

I'd love to lock Fat Bastard in a room and play "America - Fuck Yeah!" from Team American over and over and over until he came out waving a little American flag....

Jim - PRS said...

I would gladly pony up the cash to buy this piece of refuse a first-class, one-way ticket to the foreign destination of his choice.