Saturday, August 29, 2009

The EPA's Lisa Jackson: Jersey Failure Going National

In a tale so bizarre, it can only happen in New Jersey:

Lisa Jackson, for those of us who are thankfully unaware, headed the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection until she was tapped by Barack Obama to run EPA . Bye-bye, Lisa....

But in an ironic twist, EPA has released a reported criticizing the job Lisa Jackson did while running the New Jersey DEP:

Federal officials are criticizing how New Jersey's Department of Environmental Protection operates, a report in the Record said.

An Environmental Protection Agency audit found "significant shortcomings," especially in the DEP's division that handles contaminated site cleanups. The EPA said the site remediation program lacks oversight, and the DEP takes contractors hired by polluters at their word without checking.

The report also found the agency has failed to take corrective action to fix problems uncovered in a 2005 audit.

The DEP remedies were outlined in a plan issued by Lisa Jackson, who now heads the federal agency. Jackson was DEP commissioner from 2006 to 2008.

Classic. And what was the NJ DEP known for while Lisa was running the show?

The DEP is a state agency that lets the big guys slide while picking on the little folks. It needs to be cleaned out.

Hey, that's not a bug, that's a feature! Lisa J. is a perfect fit with the Obama administration! Need more evidence? Some comments on Lisa's negative evaluation of Lisa's job performance:

Bill Wolfe, a former DEP analyst who now is director of the New Jersey chapter of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, says “This audit is an indictment of DEP management for failing fundamental tests of competence.”

She not competent?? Hmmm...again - how does that make her any different from the rest of Obama's pathetic cabinet?

And if you needed any other assurances that Lisa J. is Obama's true dream date, let's see what she's been writing about in the Huffington Post:

The inauguration of the first African American president, and my confirmation as the first African American Administrator of this Agency, has begun the process of changing the face of environmentalism in our country.... it's a racial thing, like everything else in our new age of post-racial relations!

So lets get this straight: Lisa Jackson ran a DEP in New Jersey that hired crooked contractors, and picked on ordinary citizens while letting the big guys slide, while otherwise engaging in what fellow analysts call "rank incompetence". As a reward, she get promoted to the top slot at the EPA, where she gets called out for doing such a crappy job in Jersey. In return, she points out that's she - like the president - is black.

She is the quintessential Obama appointee, and the best of what the New Jersey Democratic machine has to offer at a bureaucratic level.

Good luck with that, America!

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Jim - PRS said...

The bears all over the country rejoice upon learning of this news. No more bear hunting -- no matter what.

As for the NJDEP's operation, don't get me started, lest I say too much.