Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The New Feminism

I guess feminism used to be about creating awareness of the "second-class" status of women in society, and trying to change that. Before my time, I reckon. Now it's about hardcore liberal ideologogy, putting a McBortions on every corner in America, and destroying any female who dares not abide by their standards (see Palin, Sarah).

Like many movements that have been co-opted by its radical fringe, feminism has descended into a place where reason, logic, truth, and morality do not come into play; these trifles becoming merely disposable inanimates that block the path to the desired end result of total domination of the discourse (see American Politics/Democratic Party).

Example: Feministing decries the twin evils of...reproduction, and families:

My understanding of reproduction is that it is the basis of the institutions of marriage and family, and those two provide the moorings to the structure of gender and sexual oppression. Family is the social institution that ensures unpaid reproductive and domestic labour, and is concerned with initiating a new generation into the gendered and classed social set-up.

Every wife a slave, every son a slave holder. Cassy Fiano puts the snarling hatred of the new feminist into perspective:

Modern feminism is no longer about equality or letting women choose their own paths; rather, modern feminism is a hate group that looks at all men as potential rapists and abusers, sees a traditional nuclear family as dangerous, wants to make stay-at-home mothers a permanent thing of the past, and wants to force all women to make the lifestyle choices they dictate they should have.

There's no such thing as real choice in modern feminism -- what was once something noble has been perverted and distorted into something grotesque and Stalin-esque. There's only one correct way of living, and that's whatever way feminists say it is. This post, about ending all reproduction, is just another example. Even though most women feel called to motherhood and look at it as a positive thing and a blessing, feminists don't care. They know better than us uneducated yokels anyway.

Thanks, Cassy.

And if you're a Jersey girl who believes you can be a mom and influence the political process without betraying your "sisters" or the planet, take a walk over here.

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