Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Better Man

As the clock passes noon, the United States has a new President, one Barack Hussein Obama.

I wish him well. As a patriot and a man who loves his nation right or wrong, I can say sincerely that I hope Barack Obama turns out to be the best president this nation has ever had. I hope he fixes the economy, I hope he finishes off the Taliban, I hope he can bring together the warring parties in the Middle East and forge peace. Because I really want nothing less for my country - and for most of the world in general - than the best.

President Obama enters the White House at a time of unprecedented challenges, as warfare rages across the globe and tens of millions are losing their homes and life savings in a financial collapse unprecedented in recent years. To wish him anything less than the best of luck is just rooting against yourself - for spite's sake.

Think of the last eight years, as the media and the Democrats had the long knives out for President Bush from the moment he took office, and looked to defy him every step of the way in every which way they could. He wants to lower taxes? The Left demanded they be raised. He wanted to strike back against our enemies? The Left demanded surrender. He wanted to fight on to victory in Iraq? The Democrats - and the media - demanded defeat. Bush wanted to nominate so-and-so to such-and-such a position? N-O, said the Democrats, delaying various appointments and denying good people jobs in public service because defiance was the point, not good government.

And defiance became partisnaship thick with hatred and rancor - almost all of it emenating from the Left, and their mouthpieces in the Democratic party. It was not about serving the American people, not about finding common grounds, but about holding congressional hearings and threatening criminal prosecution for those whom held differing politcal beliefs than the Democratic party. Remember, it was DNC Chairman Howard Dean who said, "I hate Republicans!". No one from the right has ever emitted such a noxius statement as Dr. Dean has, and yet Republicans are somehow held equally culpable for the Red vs. Blue divide that still scars the nation. Well, if there is any division in the national soul, it was one party that held the carving knife in its hand, and now they demand that we coalesce beneath them - allegedly for our good, but apparently for their good.

Well. We'll see about that.

Still, I wish Obama the best and root for his success.

That's what makes me the better man, incidentally. Liberal bloggers, commentators, and media folks would gladly have plunged forks into their own eyes if they believed George Bush could - for one moment - feel their searing pain. Liberals proudly announced their intention to move to Canada should Bush get re-elected, or McCain elected, displaying proof of the widely held belief that the Left only loves its country when - like an infant - it can do exactly what it wants to do, and everyone has to follow. Every curse imaginable was rained down about Bush and Cheney's head, every lie was reprinted, every verbal slipup a front page headline (until a certain candidate began to do it on a daily basis!), and thus they became caricatures rather than real people, and their efforts at moving the country forward became seen as such.

And some folks wonder how we got where we are today? Look in the mirror, and see what you've done.

Yes, Obama has a chance to fix things, but only if people like me support him when he is right and criticize him on the merits of his ideas when he is not. If he too becomes seen as nothing more than a black Jimmy Carter, nice but too liberal and essentially ineffectual, we are all doomed.

The Left is lucky that the better men are on the Right. It is our patriotism, and desire for our country to succeed, that gives Barack Obama a fighting chance...

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