Friday, January 23, 2009

Melodramatic? Perhaps Not....

That was my first thought when I read the last sentence of this post over at The Corner:

A week ago, former Vice President Cheney advised the incoming president to take some time and look carefully at the policies and institutions the Bush administration had put in place to protect the country before following through on campaign pledges to dismantle them....

Less than 48 hours after taking office, Obama has begun dismantling those institutions without time for any such review. The CIA program he is effectively shutting down is the reason why America has not been attacked again after 9/11. He has removed the tool that is singularly responsible for stopping al-Qaeda from flying planes into the Library Tower in Los Angeles, Heathrow Airport, and London’s Canary Warf, and blowing up apartment buildings in Chicago, among other plots. It’s not even the end of inauguration week, and Obama is already proving to be the most dangerous man ever to occupy the Oval Office.

OK, well, it has been only 48 hours, and that is a bit much, right?

So then I read this, and I realize why Mr. Marc Thiessen posts at The Corner and I do not:

An Internet posting purportedly by al-Qaida in Yemen says the group's No. 2 is a Saudi national who is a former Guantanamo detainee.

The Yemeni group — known as "al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula" — posted the statement this week on a militant Web site that regularly carries al-Qaida messages.
It says the man returned to his home in Saudi Arabia after his release from the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba about a year ago and from there went to Yemen to join the terror group.

The Internet statement identified the man as Said Ali al-Shihri and says his prisoner number at Guantanamo was 372.

Obama defiantly tears down the protective wall that George Bush so labouriously built around this nation in order to please the know-nothings (celebrities, professors, and the mainstream media) that constitute the bulk of his base, while he rams a socialist spending bill through Congress filled with such pork and waste that it is much more likely to deal an economic death blow to this country than provide any type of stimulus.

Or is this just a case of ideology trumping reality? Demanding the closing of Gitmo as previous prisoners, now released, take the reins of al-Qaeda shows a future where Democrats will revert to the failed policies of the past because...they are Democratic policies.

Is Obama being constructive by being destructive of all that was done before him? It's change, all right, but it leaves me with little hope....

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Anonymous said...

Dangerous game he's playing. If (hopefully not "when") we are attacked again, plenty of people will want his scalp.