Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Nightmare, Ended?

From Gates of Vienna, life under the late Saddam Hussein (you know, the guy whom many Democrats and UN bureaucrats said Iraq was better off with): every household that someone had already lost his or her mind; in other societies such a person would be in a mental hospital. I also realized that there wasn’t a household that did not mourn at least one family member who had become a victim of this police state.

I wept with relatives whose son just screamed all day long. I cried with a relative who had lost his wife. Yet another left home every day for a “job” where he had nothing to do. Still another had lost a son to war and a husband to alcoholism.

As I observed the slow death of a people without hope, Saddam Hussein seemed omnipresent...

Of course, some can only consider the "crime" of Hussein's execution; since a quarter-million deaths at an Arab hand
pales before the execution of one tyrant by a Western hand:

Generally, said the columnist Tim Hames in The Times of London, the response to the execution would be different in Britain and Continental Europe from the reaction in the United States. “Even those of us who supported the invasion in 2003, and continue to do so today,” he wrote, “will harbor within their ranks, like me, those who find the notion of this crime offensive.”

Mainstream middle-class sentiment in Europe now regards the death penalty as being as ethically tainted as the crimes that produced the sentence,” he added.

You are incorrect; and hopelessly out of touch, you pathetic liberal elitist. Take a look at Der Speigel's survey of
European attitudes towards "swinging Saddam" before you speak for them, jackass.

But for how long will Saddam's evil resonate after his death? The gleeful slaughter that takes place in Baghdad on a daily basis seems to be orchestrated by a generation poisoned by Hussein's hateful and bloody rule. Can Iraq ever fully wake up from this nightmare, or will the killing go on until the last infected man falls, full of shrapnel and bullet holes? Or can the goodness that resides in all men rise up within the hearts of those whom have lived under the shadow of evil for so long? Can the Iraqis say "enough!", and finally, truly, put an end to Saddam's reign of terror?

Or will they share Saddam's fate, and consign themselves to a living grave? The aftermath of Hussein's rule only goes to demonstrate the pure horror of his regime - what a shame it is that he could only be killed once; while his nation dies a thousand deaths....


Anonymous said...

" a quarter-million deaths at an Arab hand pales before the execution of one tyrant by a Western hand"


I guess they would rather have had him tried at the international court, where they had so much success obtaining justice for the likes of Slobodan Milosivic and his clan.

The JerseyNut said...

Do they even want justice for the likes of Saddam, when there is still venom to be spewed at America? I took this from the always tounge-in-cheek Blame Bush (linked on sidebar):

"History will remember him as a brutal dictator and a mass murderer responsible for countless crimes against humanity. Yet he spent last night kicking back on his Crawford ranch while an innocent man was led to the gallows."

How many libs are in the amen corner on this one?

The JerseyNut said...

Wow, Bonesmoker Barbie, that's a lot of pent-up rage for New Year's Eve - what's the matter, no date?

But I'll help you out a little bit, 'cause I am feeling charitable on the first day of '07.
You see, you are a coward.
Afraid to fight, you'd rather hide in a hole and allow Saddam to kill hundreds of thousands of people as opposed to standing against him because YOU may get hurt. All while you pat yourself on the back as a great liberal and lover of humanity. And how do you defend your lack of morals and values? By saying that it is inapproprite to bring down the world's worst despot unless we can bring them all down. I guess it is a convenient mantra to repeat to yourself while in your dark corner waving your white flag...

I am sure you are impervious to reason, or logic, or rational thought, but again, in the spirit of being hopeful on 1/1/07, I'll quote erstwhile liberal Roger Simon on why he felt the death penalty was appropriate in this case:

"....What interests me more are the objections of capital punishment purists, because I can sympathize with their position. But I think their orthodox views are misguided in this instance. They may even have been blinded by a form of narcissism, by wanting to be considered "good."

I almost always oppose capital punishment for the usual moral and practical reasons. But in the instance of political mass murderers like Hitler, Stalin and, yes, Saddam, I think public safety vastly outweighs any ideological considerations. Life imprisonment is a great risk with such people. These men (and those like them) have literally millions of adherents who would like nothing more than to free them so they can return to power and kill again. And this is not just the stuff of a Hollywood movie when a serial killer escapes and might add another twenty corpses to his dossier. The numbers here are staggering. The death of Stalin (whether natural or encouraged) more or less ended the horrors of the Gulag. An assassination of Hitler in the thirties would have saved tens of millions.
Does anyone really think that an incarcerated Saddam would never be freed? I wouldn't want to bet on it..."

Here, for those of sound mind and common sense:

And Bonesmoker B - get some help.