Monday, December 11, 2006

Alex Baldwin Befouls New Jersey !

Celebrity idoicy is unbound; between Rosie and Mel and the overexposed Miss Spears, even commenting on it is becoming passe; but when you are doing it in my state, well...

Today's tale regards the Oyster Creek nuclear power plant, which has provided clean energy and has never had an accident throughout its existence; yet Alex Balwin decides to come to New Jersey to speak up against a license renewal...once again, whether it is building windmills or retaining a CO2 free energy source like the O-Creek facility, New Jerseyans are told to forget it and stick to oil, for as our intellectual superiors tell us:

"The people who are in favor of the license renewal are looking to line their pockets," said Baldwin.

Er, is my desire for an honest oil alternative "lining my pockets", exactly? If we close Oyster Creek, where will state residents turn to make up the energy shortfall? Not wind power; the state has essentially ixnayed it (may disrupt someone's vistas, you see). Any thought besides a $10K per homeowner investment in solar panels, or living in tranquil darkness like the North Koreans? What's that? Build another oil or coal-fired power plant? Is that what you are telling us, genius?

Alex then shows his appreciation for our freedom of speech by hosting a "talk" on Oyster Creek, and refusing to allow representatives of the plant to be present to defend themselves against celebrity slander!

The Nuclear Energy Institute, an industry lobbying organization, sought permission to participate in the rally, but was denied. Baldwin... made no apologies.

"Only the NEI would make themselves out to be some sort of political prisoner in this debate," he said.

Alex Balwin, silencing all dissent while eliminating less oil-dependant energy options for the state of New Jersey...dude, isn't there a B-movie calling your name on the West Coast somewhere?

Just get your sorry ass out of Jersey...

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