Friday, June 16, 2006

Washington Post - Leaning Just a Tad Left Today?

Jeez, can't the Washington Post find one editorial writer who disagrees with the paper's anti-Bush, anti-Republican, anti-war stance? Based on today's columns, apparently not:

Stay the Course? What Course? - Eugene Robinson
Fresh from his triumphal visit to Baghdad -- a place so dangerous he had to sneak in without even telling the Iraqi prime minister -- George W. Bush is full of new resolve to stay the course in his open-ended "global war on terror." That leaves the rest of us to wonder, in sadness and frustration, just what that course might be and where on earth it can possibly lead.

Robinson is sick; living in a dark, hateful liberal Disneyland where we "assasinated" al-Zarqawi, Gitmo inmates are heroes and young Americans defending his right to write his bilge are enemies. He is by far the most vile of the bunch.

Michael Kinsey is the most pretentous pouser of the lot, with
The Name Is Kafka . . . Franz Kafka:

In a twist fully worthy of Kafka, or at least Joseph Heller ("Catch-22"), the very suspicion that bad things are going on is a reason you can't find out. As a CIA legal document explains: "CIA confirmation of the existence of [evidence] would confirm a CIA interest in or use of specific intelligence methods and activities."

Oooh, Kinsey, you read books! Too bad it didn't make you any smarter; the CIA makes a perfect arguement here, essentially saying that they can neither confirm nor deny certain types of speculation as they may give evidence of the agency's information gathering techniques. It makes perfect sense - but alas, Kinsey, you are not even smart enough to confuse the people you are trying to scam with your bogus arguments. How utterly pathetic.

In A Shift Among the Evangelicals, E.J Dionne continues his poetry of wishful thinking that has become his singular style:

When the Southern Baptist Convention elected the Rev. Frank Page as the group's president at its meeting this week in Greensboro, N.C., the news appeared on the back pages of most secular newspapers -- or it didn't appear at all.
...he also signaled that the spirit he hopes to embody is quite different from that of the angry, right-wing, politicized preacher who has been a stock figure in American life for more than two decades.

The mellowing of evangelical Christianity may well be the big American religious story of this decade...

Hey E.J., if you don't like the stereotypical "angry white preacher", than stop creating and exploiting this stereotype/straw man (note to self: white men are still the only acceptable ethnic group to bash!). And your "big religious story"? Just like the rise of Cindy Sheehan and the fall of the Republicans, your fiction is likely to fail you again. Sorry E.J., but if you were judged on producing accurate results like the rest of us working slobs, the only place you'd get a job is Pravda.

And who's this idiot Dan Froomkin? The War Over the War - here's a sampling of the bile this moonbat spews on the pages of what masquerades as a reputable newspaper:

...Bush yesterday made it clear: Not only is he set in his path -- he's embracing the divisive nature of the war and declaring it the No. 1 campaign issue of the 2006 mid-term elections.

It's somehow appropriate that this was also the week that Bush political guru Karl Rove slipped the clutches of the CIA leak investigation. For it is Rove who is the mastermind of the war over the war...

Got your tinfoil hat on, Dan? 'cause all the people on the WaPost editorial board seem to be wearing on these days; it's all the rage...what a mess, what a disgrace, to be bunking with al-Qaeda ...


Anonymous said...

True BUT George Will's column also on the op-ed pages also takes a pessimistic view of the situation in Iraq - may not all be an ideological bias, maybe a groupthink. But you can certainly at least print a column dissenting from the prevailing wisdom; that is what the op-ed pages should be for.

The probligo said...

I want to hear your thoughts on the Khaliljad cable. The one that he sent Bush on 12 June. The one that doesn't seem to exist outside of WaPo.